Bioactive Legumes: Forages with Veterinary, Nutritional & Environmental Qualities: Opportunities and Development

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October 20th, 2015 12:00 AM   through  
October 21st, 2015 2:00 PM
Sophi Taylor Building, Park Farm
Villa Road
Cambridge, CAM CB24 9NZ
United Kingdom
Phone: 01223 342299
Legume Plus Dissemination Event £ 30.00

October 20th, 2015 12:00 AM


Day 1 - Tuesday 20th October: The crops, farmer interactions and views

11.05-11.25         REGISTRATION & COFFEE

11.25-11.45         Welcome & Introduction to the crops: Sainfoin, Lotus and Red Clover: Historical Perspectives
Dr Lydia Smith (Head of NIAB Innovation Farm, NIAB, UK)

11.45-12.05         Potential of legume-based grassland-livestock systems
Professor Andreas Lüescher (Head of research group, Agroscope, Switzerland)

12.05-12.25         Exploiting novel genetic approaches to underpin future crop improvement
Dr Leif Skot (Principal Investigator IBERS, University of Aberystwyth, UK)

12.25-12.45         Delivering sustainable seed mixtures: the future with deep rooting legumes
Ian Wilkinson (MD Cotswold Seeds Ltd, UK)

12.45-13.00         Q & A / DISCUSSION SESSION

13.00-14.00         LUNCH

14.00-14.40         KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Some like it hot: plants and temperature
Dr Phil Wigge (Group Leader, University of Cambridge Sainsbury Laboratory, UK)

14.40-14.50         Experience of growing and selling Sainfoin
Robert Salmon (Farmer/MD Hyde Hall Haylage, UK)

14.50-15.00         Agronomist perspective and potential markets
Ian Knight (MD Abacus Agriculture Ltd, UK)

15.05-15.15         Short break (juice and water available)

15.15-15.35         Anthelmintic activity: a sustainable treatment for gut parasites?
Dr Herve Hoste (Senior Researcher, INRA Toulouse, France)

15.35-15.55         Rumen digestibility, greenhouse gas emissions
Dr Wilbert Pellikaan (Wageningen UR, Netherlands)

15.55-16.15         Qualitative impact on final products: food and milk quality
Dr Frigga Dohme-Meier/Dr Giuseppe Bee (Head of Research Group, Agroscope ALP, Switzerland)

16.15-16.20         Q & A/ DISCUSSION SESSION

16.30-18.00         Tour of glasshouse & garden exhibits
NIAB Innovation Farm Team

18.00-18.45         POSTER AND NETWORKING SESSION (with wine and nibbles)

19.00-20.30         DINNER 


Day 2 -  Wednesday 21st October: Underlying chemistry and biochemistry

09.00-09.30         ARRIVAL AND REFRESHMENTS

09.30-10.00         KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Hidden treasures of sainfoin and other forage legumes
Professor Irene Mueller-Harvey (University of Reading, UK)

10.00-10.20         What is a perfect tannin fingerprint like? Ask Willowherb, the potential novel crop
Professor Juha-Pekka Salminen, (University of Turku, Finland)

10.20-10.40         How tannins interact with gut/rumen parasites to impact human health
Professor Stig Thamsborg (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

10.40-11.00         How tannins interact with gut/rumen microflora to impact food quality
Dr Giuseppe Bee & Dr Frigga Dohme-Meier (Head of Research Group, Agroscope ALP, Switzerland)

11.00-11.30         REFRESHMENTS

11.30-11.50         How tannins interact with animal physiology to impact animal health and productivity
Dr Vincent Niderkorn (INRA DAPL, France)

11.50-12.10         The way forward? Strategies to optimise sainfoin performance and polyphenol content
Dr Roland Kölliker (Agroscope ISS, Switzerland)

12.10-12.25         Title TBC
PhD Student

12.25-12.40         Title TBC
PhD Student

Panel members to be confirmed

13.00-14.00         LUNCH