And… what do you do? Free* Business Pitch Training

Presenting Good PracticeHow to Transform any conversation you have in to a potential sale, collaboration or business partnership!

Do you run your own business? What do you say when someone asks you "What do you do"? Is your answer strong enough to turn that person into a potential client, collaborator or a promoter of your business?

During this session you will...

  • Learn what you should say when you talk about your specific business
  • Learn how to talk about it
  • Practise your pitch
  • Receive feedback on how you come across to potential clients

By the end of this session you will...

  • Know and remember the pitch you made for your business
  • Know how to talk about your business to get more clients
  • Know how to sell yourself without feeling guilty
  • Know how to sell yourself without even realising it
  • Feel confident when talking about your business
  • Know that your pitch has the intended impact on your audience
  • Leave excited to find your next pitching opportunity!

This training is delivered by Adelina Chalmers of Presenting Good Practice.

Book Now* (see terms and conditions below)

*The training is free as long as you...

  • Are an eligible, registered SME (self-employed, limited company, registered partnership) within the 6 eastern counties (Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Norfolk).
  • Attend a registration meeting with the NIAB Innovation Farm team
  • Speak to the trainer before the session
  • Turn up on time at the training session and stay for the duration of the training session
  • This training is funded by ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) - this is why your training session is free if you attend the initial meeting and training session!

*Refundable Ticket: The tickets are issued on a first come, first served basis. If you want to book but there are no more tickets, join our waiting list and you'll be the first to know if someone cancels or the date of the next event! We do not charge for these sessions, however because we only have 8 spaces at each event and we want to make sure that the people who book do turn up and do not take up a space that they will not use. Therefore we will change a nominal price/ticket, and if you attend the session we will refund you (less the Eventbrite fee, although Eventbrite also refund their fees). We ask people to arrive from 10.30pm to have time to meet the trainer, the attendees and choose a seat. The session runs from 11am - 3pm.