The embodiment of sustainability

MacLeod Complex

Set on the border of the Cambridge Headquarters the MacLeod Complex has grown from the original farm site to a modern 3,300m2 glasshouse complex with a purpose built visitor centre.

The Sophi Taylor Building - Less is more

In keeping with the ethos of NIAB Innovation Farm, BREEAM 'Outstanding' was the primary objective of the project. At the time of completion the Sophi Taylor Building was one of only 15 in the final stages in the 'Outstanding category. The building was designed to meet the needs of users with minimal electrical and mechanical interference. It operates simply, making the most of the energy available to it from the sun and the users themselves, harvesting rainwater and conserving these resources for release when require.

The NIAB Innovation Farm Glasshouse

This glasshouse uses a Venlo design, but has special features that provide the ideal environment for visitors to see science in action. particular attention was paid to noise levels to ensure presenters could be easily heard with in the compartments without compromising the comfort and wellbeing of plants and visitors alike.

Download the Glasshouse and Sophi Taylor Building's design and construction leaflet for more information