@InnovationFarm1 Simon Bart is keen to help build collaborations; funding comes out of to bridge the gap between… https://t.co/4PaKRpMBM5
@InnovationFarm1 consultants are specialists in conversion of food waste feedstocks into fine chemicals est usin… https://t.co/gFSC9fIfzE
@InnovationFarm1 Hydrothermal conversion of biowaste pyrolysis leads to and potential butyl butyrate
@InnovationFarm1 Spin out of is getting better products out of AD digestate using combinations of filtrat… https://t.co/8myZ0bVLW7
@InnovationFarm1 Soto Rios Sourmelis project includes many partners to help ensure utilisation of agricultural… https://t.co/L8XBApYyCG
@InnovationFarm1 Musie Tekeste has been optimising biorefinery to use products good enough for the market
@InnovationFarm1 Bart is working hard to show these types of innovations to farmers to make them economically feasible https://t.co/rrZbGJz3D8
@InnovationFarm1 Bart van Droogenbroeck is using smart innovation to prevent waste e.g antioxidants with pulped apple o… https://t.co/IxTcNPAJRj
@InnovationFarm1 has identified a range of ways that hair products can damage the hair including drying and flaking of cuti… https://t.co/8qiCTXY0uu
@InnovationFarm1 There is potential for production of ‘platform’ chemicals from agricultural waste such as glycolic… https://t.co/PjKkajOb91

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Meeting the challenges

Agriculture and food production face enormous challenges in the years ahead. NIAB Innovation Farm demonstrates how crop genetic improvements can address the issues of:

Food security      Climate Change      Sustainable Resources      Health and Nutrition