@InnovationFarm1 Splendid group of biotech students from last week here to discover how work with farmers… https://t.co/MuF63WxUCt
@InnovationFarm1 RT : Point of view - judges waiting to hear the next pitch https://t.co/OUlLFjYgld
@InnovationFarm1 Special mention for this potential company; ‘Tasteak’ which has a long way to go before it’s market ready, but coul… https://t.co/TVyos4e82i
@InnovationFarm1 ...And third, the excellent Smartfood; take the guesswork out of choosing your bespoke healthy diet with their cunn… https://t.co/EieYV5L9lo
@InnovationFarm1 A worthy close second was ‘Scran’ looking to reduce of the food YOU eat and… https://t.co/WzgVLLWrkD
@InnovationFarm1 Following pitchs from 9 excellent grps of proto businesses: there has to be a winner... both judges & innovators ch… https://t.co/0c3Pdz6fxD
@InnovationFarm1 Other fantastic innovations the Judge were; a plethora of clever APPs to reduce food… https://t.co/c3RgBQertD
@InnovationFarm1 Awed by the quality of innovators at the university Judge- on their ventur… https://t.co/NCvbncpJvu
@InnovationFarm1 Bravo Judge business School finally a hospitality set up that caters for us dairy- intolerant types https://t.co/DCR1M6iaOw
@InnovationFarm1 Counting down to the judging this afternoon; bringing out the cream of future entrepreneurs and general… https://t.co/54NAhfWNnG

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Meeting the challenges

Agriculture and food production face enormous challenges in the years ahead. NIAB Innovation Farm demonstrates how crop genetic improvements can address the issues of:

Food security      Climate Change      Sustainable Resources      Health and Nutrition