@InnovationFarm1 An excellent choice; well done https://t.co/0acc4VPE2f
@InnovationFarm1 These camelids are tough and good natured; there must be more uses for their fur, with incredibly soft, highly insu… https://t.co/TLSxDffT2E
@InnovationFarm1 RT : Looks like an interesting morning on the 7th November https://t.co/AhZItswyT4
@InnovationFarm1 Amazing; now show us how it looks wth dust and scratches! https://t.co/MS7xeYrRee
@InnovationFarm1 RT : CGIAR investment in gender research results in more equitable distribution of food & income:… https://t.co/E7EP801gUG
@InnovationFarm1 RT : Harvesting Fodder & Energy Beet trials today! Some excellent looking varieties! https://t.co/7ubf33NANX
@InnovationFarm1 RT : End of an era for Skye crofter and his swimming cows https://t.co/qu0A7DpfKo https://t.co/uIlsV4XPpS
@InnovationFarm1 RT : 6 years of my life now published in the Auto-N report - precision farming for N management https://t.co/SwEOsGl9dS
@InnovationFarm1 Tim O'Leary Wk on neural activity; he notes that neurone networks self-organise & do so throughout life
@InnovationFarm1 Application in organ toxicology; student-led research is possible 5k budget xtra thanx Raspberry pi https://t.co/eDVL3K7E5Y

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Meeting the challenges

Agriculture and food production face enormous challenges in the years ahead. NIAB Innovation Farm demonstrates how crop genetic improvements can address the issues of:

Food security      Climate Change      Sustainable Resources      Health and Nutrition