@InnovationFarm1 RT : When should I body condition score my cattle? Find out in our Better Returns from Body Condition Scoring (BCS) beef… https://t.co/P6QDZGs4fT
@InnovationFarm1 Exciting times for innovation in agriculture https://t.co/lIP1wqHoWm
@InnovationFarm1 RT : Very engaging conversation with academia, industry and growers on Potatoes at IfM, Cambridge University https://t.co/lw9UMbKOLw
@InnovationFarm1 RT : Defra commits R&D funding to"explore how we can learn lessons from the organic sector" - https://t.co/4GRR79MvrP
@InnovationFarm1 RT : Honda quad found with bent wheel hiding behind one of our sheds tonight near cambridge. If you have had one stolen!… https://t.co/GCf9rpmFSw
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@InnovationFarm1 RT : Another hard frost this morning on these several species have now been removed naturally. https://t.co/zBmPH2kvJb
@InnovationFarm1 RT : “If we want to deliver for our environment we must preserve soil health, as Sir Albert Howard said soil is a living… https://t.co/WBVIg1AQaA
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Meeting the challenges

Agriculture and food production face enormous challenges in the years ahead. NIAB Innovation Farm demonstrates how crop genetic improvements can address the issues of:

Food security      Climate Change      Sustainable Resources      Health and Nutrition