@InnovationFarm1 RT : Can someone identify this. It’s in a pollen and nectar mix I planted on 20 ha in May and it’s by far the most succe… https://t.co/s5V5rgHRWc
@InnovationFarm1 RT : A farmer hopes to take the world by storm with the "cutest sheep ever" after successfully breeding them in New Zeal… https://t.co/iJ0sxkV4rs
@InnovationFarm1 RT : Everyone knows that soil health is important - but how can farmers measure this practically? This paper at the 2018… https://t.co/yoNljHXnrM
@InnovationFarm1 RT : Struggling with volunteer from last years . not touching it. That and mustard are goi… https://t.co/mM6EHMNNwa
@InnovationFarm1 RT : Thank you ! Thanks for being such a wonderful host... A great event enjoyed by all in attendance 😀… https://t.co/Y8jUqCayil
@InnovationFarm1 RT : Stop press! Attend every Agri-Tech Week 2018 event & bag a cool 22 points! https://t.co/g7xBRuOxEp Tha… https://t.co/b6LFlCej7R
@InnovationFarm1 RT : Winter wheat seedling-stage resistance to yellow rust is categorised each year by . Latest tests show KWS Tr… https://t.co/kV3dJ0ATo5
@InnovationFarm1 RT : OSR grower or recent grower? Please take part in our important & easy survey. Relevant if you have: - no dam… https://t.co/tDzYuMu5t0
@InnovationFarm1 RT : Would be interested to know what and the communities both think about these https://t.co/4JmadKcTz8
@InnovationFarm1 RT : Felicity Crotty greater weight of earthworms than livestock above ground! https://t.co/93jeutr9RN

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Meeting the challenges

Agriculture and food production face enormous challenges in the years ahead. NIAB Innovation Farm demonstrates how crop genetic improvements can address the issues of:

Food security      Climate Change      Sustainable Resources      Health and Nutrition