2011 Workshop Presentations

Cereals of tomorrow – 5th July 2011RAGT Seeds

Sponsored by RAGT Seeds

Spotlight on cereal breeding and how valuable starch characters have been incorporated into Barley through the SmartCarb BBSRC funded project.

Crops and climate change – 14th July 2011

Latest strategies to adapt crops to climate change, industry will outline their current and future breeding aims, in partnership with Cambridge Partnership for Plant Sciences.

Management for environmental biodiversity – 19th July 2011

Demonstrating on-farm environmental schemes, the research being undertaken to improve seed mixes and how farmers can promote wildlife and improve biodiversity. In Collaboration with FWAG.

Specialist oils and sustainable proteins – 25th July 2011Soya UK

Sponsored by Soya UK

Latest research – What’s in an oil? The market potential of specialist oils and the developments in Soya, Beans and reducing pod shatter in Oilseed Rape.

Produce World

Horticulture: breeding for quality and quantity – 1st September 2011

Sponsored by Produce World and SyngentaSyngenta

Focus on Alliums, potatoes and carrots how industry advances have contributed to improved quality and yield and the challenges facing the Horticulture sector.

  • Vision of the future – nigel [dot] kingston [at] syngenta [dot] com (Nigel Kingston) (Syngenta)
  • Developing tools for breeding improved quality traits in field vegetables - Professor David Pink (HAUC)
  • Storage of Alliums and potatoes – Dr Leon A Terry (Cranfield University)
  • The Eskimo carrot story – John De Soyza (Limagrain)

Maize diversity: a versatile crop – 8th September 2011Syngenta

Sponsored by Syngenta

Illustrating the varying uses for Maize – Forage, Biogas, grain and grain for crimping and how agronomy can be tailored to the UK and to suit the end-use of your maize.

  • Developments in maize plant and grain maturity in the UK, with reference to future utilisation – Don Pendergrast (NIAB)
  • Maize as a feedstock for anaerobic digesters - Oliver Knowland
  • Nigel Padbury (Syngenta)
  • Francis Dunne (Field Options)

Fibre crops: agronomy and end uses – 19th October 2011 (revised date)

Sponsored by Farm pulp consortium  – Technology Strategy Board and supported by De Montfort University

The workshop will explore the potential for novel uses of crop fibres and how new processing methods are opening up the market for these alternative fibre sources.

  • Natural fibre composites: current applications and future prospects – Dr Mark Coleman (InCrops Project)
  • Market place for acetylated natural fibres; why and where they will be used? – Brian Chandler (Acetylated fibres Ltd)
  • Fibre crops: agronomy and processing – Dr Matthew Horne (De Montfort University)
  • Life cycle assessment of fibre flax for the reinforcement of composites - John Summerscales (Plymouth University)
  • Adding value to wheat and barley straw by conversion to packaging
  • Dr Robert Elias – (Welsh Institute of Natural Resources) & Prakash Korde – (Valueform Ltd)