2013 Key Challenge Events

These flagship workshop events are aimed at providing our academic partners with a platform to engage directly with small to medium size businesses (SMEs). We want to inspire an effective and productive two-way dialogue that helps our academic and industry partners to understand how they can best work together. Download our flyer

Growing whatever the weather

Wednesday 26th June

Investigating the impact of unpredictable weather events and warming climate on water availability - floods and drought - and pests and diseases in crop plants. What will a climate-resilient crop of the future look like...? Book Now

Bio-fortification and dietary choice

Tuesday 2nd July

The role of plant genetic innovation in providing a varied diet and improving nutrition including enhanced health benefits and improved flavours. Can targeted probiotic crops really make a difference to the health of the nation? Book Now

Growing more with less

Friday 12th July

Finding approaches to maintain crop productivity with limited resources. Are strategies in place to maintain land quality, grow suitable varieties and develop ecosystem services? We will investigate whether some crops could fare better than others and if staples of the future may be different. How will legislation impact on crop production and where will crops be grown and by whom? Book Now

Meeting future energy and food demands

Thursday 18th July

Evaluating the available range of dual-use and biofuel crops and their impact on the food versus fuel debate. Can the UK afford to produce crops for both markets in the future? Book Now