2012 Event Presentations

Producing quality rapeseed – 26th April 2012

Investigating the importance of oilseeds, the range of oil profiles on the market and their end-uses. In partnership with BASF we will demonstrate the Clearfield production system and how herbicide-tolerant systems are growing in the agricultural market.

Cultivating food quality – 19th June 2012

Demonstrating how the demand for ingredients with a range of end-use properties are driving breeders to explore inherent quality traits such as protein type, starch quality, high milling yield and resistance to pre-harvest sprouting and those effected by environmental factors. In other crops traits are being manipulated through breeding to produce products with improved properties such as Beneforte broccoli that has added nutritional benefits from increased anti-oxidants levels.

  • Details available on request

Breakthrough technology: crops for the future – 28th June 2012

In collaboration with the Cambridge Partnership for Plant Sciences (CPPS) this workshop will explore the contribution of new technology such as hybrids and C4 photosynthesis.

  • Details available on request

Managing habitats for improved biodiversity – 5th July 2012

In partnership with the British Ecological Society (BES) this event will focus on how research is influencing the content of environmental margins and how sowing species targeted seed mixes combined with appropriate management will encourage a wider range of wildlife on the farm.

  • Details available on request

Fodder and forage – 18th July 2012

Highlighting the range of species used within the fodder and forage markets, a review of the limiting factors in sourcing good quality forage and presenting the hybridisation work that is being undertaken at IBERS.

  • Details available on request

Diversity into industry – 26th July 2012

An interactive event focussing on sources of genetic diversity in cereals for exploitation in industry.

Exploiting crop wild relatives for future end-uses
Dr Nigel Maxted, School of Biosciences – University of Birmingham

Securing Future Supply – Challenges and Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture
Richard Heathcote, Sustainable Sourcing Workstream Leader, Heineken NV

The 21st Century Cereal Supply Chain: Market conditions and R&D opportunities
Nigel Davies, Manufacturing and Technical Director – Muntons

GM: Is it time for a public good programme? – 12th September 2012

How GM technology could be used to respond to the challenges facing the agricultural industry and discussions relating to barriers to its adoption, how we move forward and whether we can shape a public good GM programme