2013 Corporate Events

Cereals Event

Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th June 2013
Boothby Graffoe, Lincolnshire
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Cambridge Open Day

Tuesday 25th June 2013
Sophi Taylor Building, Park Farm, Villa Road, Impington, Cambridge, CB24 9NZ
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Access the latest independent advice and research on plant breeding, varieties, crop agronomy, soils and plant innovation with an afternoon of seminars, indoor exhibits and field demonstrations.
We will demonstrate the crop research, plant breeding and agronomy advice that will allow UK growers to achieve the genetic yield potential in their wheat crops and get off the yield plateau.
NIAB TAG Network members are invited to join us from 10am for private variety demonstration tours, and stay for lunch and the afternoon programme
NOW at our glasshouse demonstration site at Park Farm, near Histon, easy access from A14 Junction 32

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National Agronomy Centre Days

National Agronomy Centre (NAC) Open Days are essential technical events providing open access to research and practical information.

Indoor exhibits, research seminars and field based demonstrations will outline the latest research aspects of the YES theme (Yield, Environment and Soil), including variety and fungicide demonstrations.

Experts from NIAB TAG and a range of other research partners will be on hand at these free events.

Headley Hall, Yorkshire, 18th June
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Morley, Norfolk, 20th June
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Sutton Scotney, Hampshire, 27th June
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Future NIAB events

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